eIDtag® Pays It Forward

Raise Money for Your Cause

eIDtag Makes it Easy

How It Works For You

Fill-out online application.

Upon approval, requested number of Folders each with 10 tags at ZERO COST to your organization will be shipped to you.

A minimal shipping fee may be added.

Distribute Folders to your participants.

Achieve Your Goals

Participants go to eIDtag.com, enter registration code to activate tags by purchasing an annual service for $25.

Your Fundraiser receives $5 for each purchase.
Earn more $$$ by sharing the link provided to you with anyone not receiving a folder.

Fundraiser Dashboard updates your Campaign status 24/7.

Getting paid

Transactions occur securely through eIDtag.com and accumulate for you between the start and end dates of your fundraiser.

Upon conclusion of your Fundraiser, amount you raised is paid by your choice of prepaid incentive/Debit Card or a Check.